Iiyiyuu Ayimuun - Our Language

In many native cultures, the influence of non-native ways has eroded aboriginal languages to such an extent that entire languages have disappeared, passing on with the Elders as they do. In Iiyiyuuschii, the Cree language is very much alive: It is spoken by almost all 15,000 of us. It is taught in our homes and schools, beginning in kindergarten. And, it is everywhere you look, on signs and banners, in books and films....

Despite its relative health, however, the our language is still threatened. For Cree society has been subjected to the same forces that have resulted in language loss in other communities: Residential schooling and the ensuing break between generations, economic change in the communities, and the lack of Cree terms for some of the newer aspects of Cree life all conspire to undermine our language.

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