Melisa Pash

Melisa Pash, the 2007 Canadian Aboriginal Award winner and 2009 First Tracks Music Video Award winner, is both a singer and a songwriter. She also plays the guitar, cello and piano. Having grown-up in Val d'Or, a mining town in northern Quebec, Melisa is well-aware of the veil of racism that lurks close to the surface in these small frontier towns. Through her music, music that focuses on sharing her native culture, Melisa attempts to bridge the gap between natives and non-natives.

While Melisa's music is contemporary pop rock, its roots, as expressed by traditional drums and aboriginal rhythms, dig much deeper. Melisa has one album to her credit, The Rising of Daisy Moon (2007). Several tracks and a video have been recorded for a second. She has created music for several films and appeared on different T.V. shows: “I loved performing on Florent Vollant's show, Makusham,” said Melisa. “I was a guest when Claude MacKenzie was there, when Kashtin was reunited. I got to sing one of their most loved songs!”

At this stage in her career, especially with the slowdown in the music industry due to the recession, Melisa appreciates the time she spends touring in the Cree communities. The response from fans in the communities has inspired her to branch out from her Protégé Program. Melisa initiated the Protégé Program to provide assistance to Cree artists who were trying to start their careers in the music industry. “Perhaps the program was a bit too ambitious,” said Melisa. “I can help if the artist is really motivated, but I found that when I had to do everything for them, I didn't have enough time to do my own music.”

Melisa's attention has evolved to motivating youth, especially young girls: “It's where my energy goes naturally,” explained Melisa. “After my performances, a sea of little girls follows me around. It's important to encourage them to stay out of trouble, to live well, to pursue what they believe in. Kind of like a motivational speaker!”

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