Iiyiyuu Ihtuun - Traditional Ways

In Cree life, the importance of what is referred to in English as “the bush” (hunting lands outside the communities) cannot be overstated. Apart from its economic significance, bush life and bush skills are at the heart of Cree culture and society.

“I remember when I first got out of school, I was sixteen years old and I didn't think I had learned enough of even the [English] language to go and look for work in the white society. I went to the bush with my family right after. My father was hunting and trapping at that time. Sometimes I almost cried when my mother told me to do something because I knew I didn't know how to do it or maybe because I hesitated to do it.

“Then one day my father said to me that when I was doing something that I had been taught, I would never be sure of myself – even if the person who taught me was very good – unless I gave myself to the task of learning it and wanted to do it.”
Ella Neeposh