Matthew Iserhoff and Pakesso Mukash, both journalists in another incarnation, are the original members of CerAmony. Matthew is the lead singer, Pakesso plays guitar and does vocals.

Driven by social and political issues, this all Cree band, which has strong roots in North American aboriginal spiritual beliefs, honours all faiths. This respect for other faiths is reflected in the name chosen for the band – CerAmony, referring to something all peoples have in common, something that should unify. But it's not just about philosophy: As musicians, band members also want people to enjoy themselves and get out and do something about the world they live in.

Inspired by musical influences ranging from the Beatles to Linkin Park and the Hot Chilli Peppers, CerAmony cannot be pigeon-holed to a specific genre. The thread running through their music is created less by style than by interests, examples of which can be heard in songs like The Last Great Men, in which band members pay tribute to their elders, the last of their people to live off the land. And in the documentary film determiNATION by Paul M. Rickard and Michelle Smith, featuring First Nations musicians Samian, Cheri Maracle and CerAmony.

Fans will be happy to know that CerAmony is in the finishing stages of an album. It should be released in 2010.

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