The Drum

The Drum
David Neeposh Sr. and daughter at opening ceremonies of CNIT

“My late father talked and told me what the drum is, and I believe it. That's why I still have it today, When I sing ... the way we hear each other talk, we sound so clear. That is what happens to me when I sing. I remember and think about the hunters and trappers who still stand for the land and for hunting today.

“What I have, I didn't just get this from anywhere. I was taught by hunting. That's where I learned my songs. That's where I learned it all. And what I've learned, I still have it with me today. I'm very happy and pleased when I'm asked to do this.

“My late father was very old when he talked to me about the way I should look at all of this. He told me to never forget how I was brought up. We ... my family ... my father took care of us and got everything we needed to survive on from the land, from the bush. I always remember what my father told me. At times it is so clear to me, how I was brought up. That is why I haven't let go of my drum. My late father told me that the drum was what he would leave with me, the drum was what he passed on to me. I still remember.”

David Neeposh, Sr., Waswanipi Elder