Willie Iserhoff

Willie Iserhoff, Director of the Cree Culture and Language Department

“Remember This ... And You Will Live a Good Life” is based on the travelling exhibition created to pay tribute to the generations of people who lived in the Eastmain-1 area, and their way of life. Inspired by advice given to an Eastmain-1 area hunter, the title refers to the great joy people derived from living off the land. It was the underlying message of the elders who worked with Cree youth and archaeologists to document life along that section of the river prior to its flooding. Without exception, they implored Cree youth to look to their own traditions – to Cree culture – for guidance about how to live their lives.

Including sections on history, archaeology and the seasonal use of the land, the exhibition was the first of its kind: the first by the Crees, the first to travel in the communities, the first to be based on the words of the elders. It is hoped that by presenting it in web format  it will reach a greater audience, and continue to spark an interest in our past and in the wisdom of the elders.