The Modern Period

Even the most recent things have a story to tell. Before 1950, with little money, and travelling by snowshoe and canoe, people did not acquire or throw much out. Empty cans became teapots, old saws were transformed into fleshers for cleaning animal hides...

After 1950, people started flying inland and using motorized canoes. They brought more material with them. In the 1970s and 1980s, while Crees spent less time in the bush, camps were becoming more permanent. With the use of snowmobiles, the quantity of material goods in Eastmain-1 area camps increased dramatically, especially in fall-early winter camps.

Elders talking about campsites where they lived.

Scraper (maatahiikan or shaahkwehiikan) for scraping frozen skins. Made from a recycled saw blade.