Late Winter

George Cannashish

“During the winter we fished through the ice. There were many kinds of fish, plenty of ptarmigan and lots of rabbits. You set the rabbit snares on the rabbit trail. But with ptarmigan, you set snares in a row, anywhere - as long as there are branches for bait.”

- George Cannashish


Mary Jolly ice-fishing.

Matthew Wapachee and granddaughter, Valerie.

Matthew Wapachee using an ice chisel and scoop to bore a hole through the ice to fish.

A prime fishing area.

Rabbit Skins

“Rabbit skins were collected to make warm blankets and clothing. I often kept a supply of dried rabbit skins. When I delivered a baby, I would put the newborn inside to keep it warm.”

Hattie Moses

Hattie Moses preparing rabbit skins for weaving.