Early Spring

George Cannashish

Alec Weistche

“We concentrated along the river to hunt because the ice melts earlier there. Ducks were hunted - more than geese. Geese weren’t as abundant then. We didn’t sit in blinds to hunt geese like they do now. We stalked them.”

- George Cannashish and Sarah Wapachee

Goose Hunting

Goose hunting

Jamie Moses with a goose.

Otter and Birch Sap

“Muskrat and otter were trapped when open-water appeared. Otters eat fish and other things.  Most of the time they live in beaver lodges - with the beaver.”

“Did you notice the axe marks on that tree?  We did that. We didn’t have any candies until we discovered something sweet here to drink! We collected the sap and drank it.”

Bella Jolly skinning an otter with Heather Jolly looking on.

Birch Sap

Birch notched to extract the sap

The ice melts early in the spring here.