Florrie Mark-Stewart

“We travelled to the communities in small family groups. Bear and geese feed on the new grasses, so we would kill a few geese along the way. Sometimes a bear would be shot. In the community, we prepared for winter by exchanging our furs for storebought food. And we cast our nets to catch fish. We didn’t want to eat the bought food!”

- Hattie Moses

Returning to the Communities

“My father, Samuel Cannashish, had only one arm. We paddled to Mistissini with only three arms. My mother had two and my father had one. He paddled all the way!”

- George Cannashish

ᐧᒑᕐᒡ ᑳᓐᓇᔑᔥ

George Cannashish travelling on the Eastmain River

Eastmain River