Here's a list of some of the projects we've done over the last few years:

Gatherings and Journeys:

  • Winter Gathering
  • Winter Journey for Youth
  • Summer Gathering
  • Canoing and Portaging
  • Elders Night-Out


  • Walking-Out Ceremony
  • First Journey Ceremony
  • Bear Feast
  • Traditional Wedding
  • Traditional Drumming

Food Preparation:

  • Cooking Traditional Food
  • Caribou Bone Preparation (for feasts)
  • Preparing Dried Foods (caribou, fish, goose, etc.)
  • Porcupine Preparations

Traditional Skills:

  • Hunting Survival Skills (four seasons)
  • Traditional Lodges Project (various types)
  • Building a Winter Camp
  • Building a Dasibdaghin (Cache)
  • Snowshoe Making Project
  • Muukuudakin (Crooked Knife) Making
  • Ah-washa-banouch (Strings for Snowshoes) Making
  • Sewing Project
  • Wood Carving
  • Baby Moss Preparations
  • Various Ways to Carry Boughs and Firewood
  • Caribou Hide Preparation

Traditional Techniques:

  • Ice Fishing (nets and hooks)
  • Summer Fishing (nets and hooks)
  • Caribou Hunting
  • Ptarmigan Hunting

Traditional Knowledge:

  • Elders Teaching Youth (stories, legends, etc.)
  • Traditional Medicines
  • Traditional Healing (sweat lodge, counseling, etc)
  • Four Directions Teachings


  • Old Cree Words and Meanings (games)
  • Cree Names and Meanings
  • Landmark Names and Meanings

Child Rearing Practices

Traditional Dancing

Cultural coordinator: Robbie Dick Jr

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