Community Network

All Cultural Coordinators learning first hand the art of doing archaeology at Smokey Hill as part of the Aboriginal Heritage Interpretation Program.

For several years, Anischaaukamikw Cultural Institute and the Cree Regional Authority have been working intensively with the local cultural coordinators to assist them in their tasks. The cultural coordinators organizes cultural programs in their respective communities. Meetings with the cultural coordinators help ensure that the interests of the communities are fully considered in the development and planning of regional programs. With the Cree way of life under siege from so many directions, many people wonder how to be Cree in this rapidly changing world. Local cultural coordinators have responded with projects that promote the the celebration and transmission of Cree knowledge and skills. The role of the regional cultural organizations is, where possible, to provide support – training, financial and professional – for these projects; as well as to promote the sharing of ideas, information and resources.