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Hunterian Museum, Glasgow University
Item: leggings

Date: 1760-1770

Area: James Bay

Catalogue number: Hunterian Museum E129

Dimensions: Length 79cm; folded width at top ca 25cm, folded width at bottom 22cm

Technique: Painted before assembling; finely stitched with sinew along outer leg to form a flap; outside leg edges are spot stitched together with sinew in four places; design impressed with caribou antler tool before painting.

Motifs: Tartan

Collector: secondary collector: Dr. William Hunter

Notes: A note included with the collection documentation regarding "Indian Artefacts from Eastern Canada" reads: "There are in the collection several American Indian objects which can be attributed stylistically to the Great Lakes area of eastern Canada and the USA, or to the Hudson Bay area, and dated to the late 18th or very early 19th centuries...It seems likely that Hunter obtained these objects in the 1760s and 1770s from traders and soldiers who had been in Canada at the time of the wars with the French..." Hunter's collection was given to the University in 1783.

References: Oberholtzer, Cath. 1994. Cree Leggings as a Form of Communication. Actes du vingt-cinquième congrès des Algonquinistes. Ed. par William Cowan. Ottawa: Carleton University. Pp.347-372.