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(c) Copyright The British Museum
Item: garters

Date: 1921

Area: Whapmagoostui

Catalogue number: British Museum 1921.10-4.172ab

Dimensions: Length 29.2cm; width 3.2cm; ties ca42cm

Technique: Loom-woven beadwork

Motifs: Geometric: squares, diamonds and crosses

Collector: Ernest Renouf

Notes: Garters were usually worn below the knee to hold leggings in place. They consisted of narrow strips made of various materials and decorative techniques (such as woven porcupine quills or beadwork). Renouf was posted by the Hudson's Bay Company as a clerk in a number of locations on the east coast of James Bay. During this period he purchased artifacts for museums (see "Letters to [Edward] Sapir [CMC file 1-A-236] ). The material sold to the British Museum was obtained at Whapmagoostui.