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Bark container

(c) Copyright The British Museum
Item: Bark container

Date: 1915

Area: Whapmagoostui

Catalogue number: British Museum 1921.10-4.203

Dimensions: Length 21.5cm; width 16.1cm; height 8.8cm

Technique: Stitched with roots; top edge wrapped with roots or tree bark.

Motifs: none

Collector: Ernest Renouf

Notes: Somewhat similar in shape to the nested baskets collected by Captain Christopher Middleton early in the 18th century and now in the British Museum (cat. no. SL 2065). Renouf was posted by the Hudson's Bay Company as a clerk in a number of locations on the east coast of James Bay. During this period he purchased artifacts for museums (see "Letters to [Edward] Sapir [CMC file 1-A-236] ). The material sold to the British Museum was obtained at Whapmagoostui.