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Courtesy, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution
Item: moccasins

Date: ca1922; accessioned 1922

Area: Mistissini

Catalogue number: National Museum of the American Indian 10/1342

Dimensions: Length 26cm; width 13.2cm

Technique: Silk appliqué machine stitched; embroidery: square chain stitch.

Motifs: Apron (vamp): floral; collar: geometric

Collector: Frank G. Speck

Notes: Moccasins are worn. Speck's notes (NMAI, Smithsonian Box OC 120,#1) for this object read: "pair of caribou skin embroidered moccasins. The Mistassini moccasins are prized everywhere in the north, as their silk embroidery and beadwork are considered superior to that of the other tribes."

References: Speck, Frank G. 1930. Mistassini Notes. Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, Indian Notes 7(14):410-457. Rogers, Edward S. 1967. The Material Culture of the Mistassini. Anthropological Series 80, National Museum of Canada Bulletin 218. Ottawa.