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Bark container

American Museum of Natural History
Item: Bark container

Date: 1908

Area: Mistissini

Catalogue number: American Museum of Natural History 50-7060

Dimensions: Basket: length 34cm; width 24cm; height 24cm; lid: length 34.3cm; width 18cm; depth 4.2cm

Technique: Designs are produced by scraping away the inner bark to create a light-coloured background and darker pattern.

Motifs: Organic flowing lines that are neither geometric nor floral

Collector: Alanson Skinner

References: Skinner, Alanson. 1911. Notes on the Eastern Cree and Northern Saulteaux. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History. Volume IX, Part I. Speck, Frank G. 1930. Mistassini Notes. Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, Indian Notes 7(14):410-457. Rogers, Edward S. 1967. The Material Culture of the Mistassini. Anthropological Series 80, National Museum of Canada Bulletin 218. Ottawa.