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Museum für Archäologie, Völkerkunde und Naturkunde (Mannheim)
Item: leggings

Date: 1845

Area: Eastmain

Catalogue number: Völkerkundemusuem (Mannheim) 3106

Dimensions: Length 35.5cm; folded width 21.3cm

Technique: Beads strung on sinew and stitched to cloth with commercial thread.

Motifs: abstract floral

Collector: Col. John Lefroy (see notes); ex-Speyer collection

Notes: Although tag on leggings states that leggings were collected by Col. John Lefroy in 1845, Lefroy was never in the Eastmain area. During his work on the magnetic north, he travelled a more westerly route. However, he had collegial contacts, well-placed family connections, and belonged to scientific organizations. All these friends, relatives and acquaintances acquired Native materials for personal collections. Acquisitions were through direct contact with First Nations and through exchanges with other collectors. Based on the motif, it is quite likely that these leggings were indeed collected at Eastmain River, but not by Lefroy.

References: Oberholtzer, Cath. 1994. Cree Leggings as a Form of Communication. Actes du vingt-cinquième congrès des Algonquinistes. Ed. par William Cowan. Ottawa: Carleton University. Pp.347-372.