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Ethnologisches Museum, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Item: hood

Date: unknown

Area: James Bay

Catalogue number: Berlin IV B 12827

Dimensions: Length 51.5cm without fringe; length 63cm with fringe; folded width 23cm

Technique: Beads strung on sinew, stitched to cloth with commercial thread; hood sewn up back.

Motifs: Geometric; stylized floral

Collector: Unknown; ex-Speyer collection; Bolz and Sanner (1999: 200): "...Arthur Speyer Sr., probably collected the hood, but unfortunately left no information behind on its collection history."

References: Benndorf, Helga und Arthur Speyer. 1968. Indianer Nordamerikas 1760-1860. Würzburg, Germany: Universitätsdruckerei H. Sturtz. Pp.45,Abb.11. Bolz, Peter and Hans-Ulrich Sanner. 1999. Native American Art. The Collections of the Ethnological Museum Berlin. Seattle: University of Washington Press. Pp.200. Oberholtzer, Cath. 1991. Embedded Symbolism: The James Bay Beaded Hoods. Northeast Indian Quarterly. 8(2):18-27.