The new Resource Section of the Cree Culture web site brings together information gathered from many years of research in Iiyiyuuschii. By providing the information over the internet learning and research opportunities will be made available to a much larger audience of Cree and other users.Whether you choose to explore this rich source of information as a way to expand your general knowledge and appreciation of Cree culture or as an individual with serious research interests, we invite you to use the menus and search tools that have been developed specifically for these purposes.

Place names are widely recognized as a key indicator of the original occupation and continuing cultural heritage for the Crees of Iiyiyuuschii.

Historical photographs have the power to transform Cree oral traditions into a visual image of the people, places and events that have played a role in Cree history and culture.

Users can examine the many types of culture objects that have been collected by outsiders for museums or private collections world-wide.